Permission To Skate - 2023 (London Devilettes)

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Requests must be submitted in this format. If you require more than one PTS form, you must submit one request for each PTS form you need. Incomplete information will result in delays in processing your request. Make sure all required data is included.Requests received will be processed as quickly as possible, could take up to 7 days to process. Verbal requests for PTS forms will not be processed. Please remember that all requests are processed by volunteer staff. This form is for Permission to Skates only.
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  3. Player must have played LDGHA in the 22/23 Season.
  4. Bluewater Hawks, St-Thomas Panthers...etc
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  7. Please review the Policy on Player Movement from the 2021 Revised Operating Rules and Regulations as stated below prior to requesting a PTS:

    Commencing July 1, 2021, a player that requests and is granted a release from the LDGHA with respect to a particular season cannot rejoin the organization on a competitive team until after the expiry of the season immediately following the particular season. In other words, the player cannot rejoin a competitive LDGHA team for the duration of the season to which the release relates PLUS the entire immediately following season. The foregoing shall not apply to players that (i) leave the LDGHA to play with a different organization at a level that is not offered by the LDGHA; (ii) leave the LDGHA after being cut from the lowest competitive team offered that year in that player’s age category; or (iii) obtain the consent of the Board of Directors to return to the LDGHA if the Board, in its absolute discretion, determines that such consent is warranted in the circumstances. For example, if a player leaves the LDGHA in her first (minor) year of U13, to play for a “AA” team offered by different association, that player would not be entitled to re-join the LDGHA until her first (minor) year of U15.

    PTS requests will not be held in confidence from LDGHA coaches. LDGHA coaches are provided with details of players that have requested PTS forms.
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