Tournament Rules, 27th Annual Tournament, 2016-2017 (London Devilettes)

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London Devilettes Girls Hockey Association

27th Annual Hockey Tournament February 3-5, 2017

 Sanction # 1617024

Rules and Information


1. Hockey Canada. and O.W.H.A. rules shall apply except where listed below.  BNQ neckguards are required for all players. Teams from the U.S. are exempted from the neckguard rule however must follow all equipment rules of their affiliated body.


2. Teams must be registered with their official governing body and present their official roster at registration as well as any additional documentation such as Pickup consent form(s) and Change of Participant Form(s) . . All teams outside Canada must have a travel permit, certified roster and medical insurance.


3. Ontario players must be currently registered as a member of your team.  To be eligible according to the O.W.H.A. "pick-up clause,” notification of "pick-up" players must be received by  January 31, 2017 in order for those players to be eligible for tournament play.  Please refer to the OWHA Handbook for rules governing pick-ups.  In House League divisions only we will accept a lateral movement for skaters and goaltenders, however all other pick-up rules apply.  Under no circumstances can you pick up a player to replace a player under suspension.  If in doubt, please check with tournament organizers before bringing player to London.


4. Team representatives must check in at the Tournament Registration Office located at the Western Fair Sports Centre one (1) hour prior to the team’s first game (if playing at a satellite arena you may check in immediately after your first game). Teams must be available to play twenty (20) minutes prior to all of their scheduled games.


5. There will be a maximum of seventeen (17) skaters plus two (2) goaltenders allowed per team, as well as five (5) bench staff.


6 (a). There will be a timed three (3) minute warm-up beginning when ice surface is ready. Teams to begin picking up warmup pucks with 1 minute left and clock will continue to run until the first stoppage in play. Games are to start promptly.  No breaks between periods.  Period times are

 10-10-15 all ages, all divisions but remember clock will continue to run after warmup – ideally teams should be lined up and ready to play so puck can be dropped right at the end of the 3 minute warmup.    No floods between periods.


  (b) In all divisions during the third period, running time will commence when there is a differential of five (5) goals. Stop time will resume when the goal margin is reduced to three (3). The clock may be stopped at the referee’s discretion for injury or for intentional delay of the game.


7. Intent to injure and fighting penalties will result in the player being expelled from the game and the remainder of the tournament.


8. Round robin play will determine group placing. Two (2) points will be awarded for a win, and one (1) for a tie. There will be no overtime during round robin games.  In all divisions 50% of the teams will advance to the Championship round.  Check  your division schedules to determine how the teams will advance in each division.


9. In the event of a tie in group placing after completion of the round robin series, the following tie-breakers will be used.

(A)   Number of wins

(B)   Record against other tied teams

(C)   Fewest goals allowed in round robin play

(D)   Goals scored minus goals against in round robin play

(E)   Most periods won in round robin play

(F)   Fewest penalty minutes in round robin play

(G)   First goal scored in tournament

(H)   Most goals scored

(I)     Flip of a coin

In the case of a tie between more than 2 teams if a tie-breaker is applied eliminating one of the tied teams and two or more teams are still tied then the criteria will be repeated beginning with tie-breaker (a)


** note fewest goals against is a higher tie breaker than goals scored to discourage teams running up the score against weaker teams.


10. Overtime will be played in quarter-final, semi-final & championship games only. Overtime will be sudden victory. It will consist of two stop time sudden death periods. The first period, three (3) minutes in length, will be four on four skaters.   If still tied at the end of the first overtime period, a second overtime period of three (3) minutes with three on three skaters will followIf still tied after overtime there will be a three player shoot-out, if the game is still tied after all three players have shot the tie will be broken by a sudden death shoot-out (i.e., the first team to score when the other team doesn’t score wins the game). Shooters will shoot simultaneously.  Players may only be used once in a shoot out until  at leaset 10 players have shot, no player can shoot for a third time until all 10 have shot twice.  Any player serving a penalty that has not expired by the end of the sudden death overtime may not participate in the shoot-out.  Teams do not change ends after the third period. Shooters do not need to be identified before the game starts. Penalties in overtime will be served as called, any penalties incurred during regular time will carry over into overtime.  Teams will NOT play with less then 3 skaters, if penalties are called during three on three play then the non-penalized team will add one skater for the duration of the penalty.  The penalized player will then return to the ice upon the conclusion of the penalty.  Then, at the next stoppage in play, three on three play will resume.  If a 2nd penalty is called during three on three play then a second skater will be added to the non-penalized team.  Please note:  Teams may play up to two players short at any point during the overtime.


11. The winning team and finalist in each division will receive awards.

12. One thirty (30) second time out is allowed in “Semi-Finals and Finals” games only.

13. The home team will wear white sweaters (Exception: Teams with only one set of sweaters.) In case of conflict home team changes.

14. The decisions of the London Devilettes Tournament Officials are final.

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