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House League Registration

House League Registration typically opens the beginning of June and closes the end of August and is open as of Friday  May 24th 2024!

Note: If a player did not make an LDGHA competitive team AND is now registering for LDGHA House League, the $100 competitive tryout fee will be applied to their House League Registration Fee as a credit that will be processed in the summer.

Season Format

The house league season typically runs from the beginning of October until the end of March. Teams are on the ice 2 times a week. For U7-U15 this ice time consists of one practice and one game, for U22 there are no practices, but rather 2 games.  All ice times are in the City of London.   


League games are inter-league, meaning teams play the other teams within their Devilettes division throughout the season.  In addition to participating in the London Devilettes Tournament, teams can register for out-of-town tournaments (participation is optional) throughout the season.


House League programming for U7/U9/U11 follows Hockey Canada’s Player Pathways.


For games, U7 is half-ice (also known as cross-ice) programming the entire season. While U9, is half-ice/cross-ice programing from September – December, and in mid-January progresses to full ice.


For practices, all house league divisions run shared ice practices meaning 2 teams share 1 hour of ice.  Usually, after a full-ice/joint warmup, each team will practice on their half of the ice pad.



House League Divisions


Year of Birth

Age on Dec. 31, 2024

Age Division for the 2024-2025 Season

2018 and earlier

6 or under

Under-7 (U7)



Under-9 (U9)





Under-11 (U11)





Under-13 (U13)





Under-15 (U15)



2009 to 2003

15 to 21

Under-22 (U22)




Players need full hockey equipment to participate.


This equipment infographic is a handy reference of required equipment.

Click here to zoom in on equipment required:



Volunteers Needed!

Please consider helping out and getting involved with the Devilettes!  As a community-based organization, it takes the help of the entire community (you!) to offer programming to our members. 


During the season, we need all sorts of on-ice and off-ice help.  You don’t need to be a "hockey person" to help – there are roles that need some hockey knowledge, but there are administrative and managerial roles as well. 


To ensure a smooth start to next season, we are in immediate need of House League Convenors and Coaches in all divisions.  


If you volunteered in the past and want to continue helping, or if you are interested in starting to help out, or would like some more information, please reach out to [email protected] (U7-U11) and [email protected] (U13-U22)


Thank you!