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  • 10 - 42 - 5
    2012-2013 Novice A
    No coaches have been assigned to this team. Team staff include Bill Chantler , Jessica Chantler, Scot Chantler, Steve Milne, Nicolle Valiquette . Sponsored by V&L Farms, London City Chrysler , StarTech.com, Amy K. White Accoutant, Pellark Dental Centres, Dowler Karn , Oxford Dodge, Herm's Sport Exchange, Performax Coaching Inc., Harvey's , Jack Astor's London North, C.I.S. Investigation, Minuteman Press. Latest news: "Devilette Spirit Scarf $15" (Nov 07).
  • 7 - 25 - 8
    2012-2013 Atom AA
    Coached by Keith Heard. Team staff include Paul McKenzie, Paul Montgomery, Kevin Reif, Rick Wouda, Maria Mackintosh, Jen Latta. Sponsored by Core Forming, Goodlife Fitness, Hayden Water Wells, Southwest Dental Care, Ivanhoe Enterprises, JNF Ready Mix, ScotiaMcLeod - Kelland Wealth Management Group, Lafarge, PV EX Construction Ltd., Jockey Person to Person, Palasad, Power Workers Union, Siskinds, Source For Sports, Westminster Mutual Insurance Company, Breyers, GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Ltd., The Woodbridge Group, Lazosky Psychology Professional Corporation , Greenhills Pharmacy , Mr. C Variety , London Kia , Naborhood Pool & Spa, GC Telecom Solutions.
  • 11 - 31 - 14
    2012-2013 Atom A
    Coached by Brian Beaubien. Team staff include Jennifer Vandenberg, Dave Darby, Jody Simmons, Annette Darby, Michaele Flemming. Latest news: "Awesome weekend" (Dec 10).
  • 8 - 13 - 8
    2012-2013 Atom B
    Coached by Shawn Wehring . Team staff include Hayter Dale, Coleen Dalton. Sponsored by Hayter-Walden Publications Inc., Active Recycling, Cups of Cake, Power Steam London Ltd., Roy Robbins Service Centre, Strathroy Turf Farms, Rycor Countertops, Libro Financial Group, Crossings Grill & Pub, Sterling Fox Reality Inc., Kellogg's, Atlantic Sea Fish Market, Palasad London, Hyde Park Dentistry. Latest news: "What a way to end the season!" (Jan 29).
  • 48 - 7 - 8
    2012-2013 Peewee AA
    Coached by Pat Cosgrove. Team staff include Angela Melo, Kelly Finlayson, Rob Burnett, Henry Pateman. Sponsored by Inner Core Health, CIBC, D.H Jutzi Limited , Akromold Limited , Five Magazines, New-Life Mills, CINEPLEX. Latest news: "LLFHL CHAMPIONSHIPS" (Mar 24).
  • 51 - 12 - 8
    2012-2013 Peewee A-617-2000
    Coached by Tim Clayton. Team staff include Dustin Bellyou, David Landers, Kirk Mann, Steve Vanroboys, Derek Vanwynsberghe, Jeff Segeren, Michelle Kennedy. Sponsored by Libro Financial, Neuphysio Rehabilitation, Source for Sports Teamworks. Latest news: "Congratulations on a great year!" (Apr 07).
  • 34 - 16 - 12
    2012-2013 Peewee A-659-2001
    Coached by Ron Solomon. Team staff include Annette Darby, Mike Richards, Dave Darby, Angela Clark, Julie Gareau, Tom Wright, Sherri Sanders, Stacy Ballantyne, Darren Ballantyne, Toni Mcknight, Paul | Tracey Gosling, Venessa Bisschop, Kathy Wright, Heather Moir, Gerry | Vicky Lynn, Dave | Melanie Graham, Rob Tait, Helen Vickers. Sponsored by J.R. Robertson , Joe and Sue Phillips, HeavyOnline.com, Moss' Car & Truck Repair , Dr. Baby and Dr. Rojas , Freedom 55 Financial , Fingers N'Toes, University Tennis Centre, Chelsey Park Retirement Home , Ideal Pipe , Dielco Industrial Contractors Ltd, Buchanan Group, TQ Rentals, 4M Services, Bisschop Racing, Thomson & Hamilton, London City Chrysler, Jack Astors - Fanshawe. Latest news: "Guelph Tournament GOLD!!!! " (Jan 07).
  • 31 - 14 - 6
    2012-2013 Peewee BB
    Coached by Shawn Hexter. Team staff include Gary BENN, Jamie RICE, Ray Marino, Cole STEWART, Ruth BENN, Jackie MOORE. Latest news: "Peewee BB win Bronze in Mississauga" (Mar 24).
  • 26 - 13 - 10
    2012-2013 Peewee B
    Coached by Howie Thompson. Team staff include Ryan Valiquette, Joe Fieder, Trevor Hall, Dave Fitzgeorge, Norm Ossau, Alison Fieder, Janice Colquhoun. Sponsored by Acura West, Smartsmile, Formaggie's Pie Shack, Dale Downie Nissan, Mocoley Electric, Shillingtons Lawyers, New Home Solutions, Good Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centers, Zavitz Insurance Inc., Crossings Grill & Pub, BGL Group Inc., Poppa Ed, Harvey's, Fix Right, Dr. Ingrid Thie, Go Julia, Rycor, GoodLife Fitness, Williams, Arvai. Latest news: "London Devilettes PeeWee B Final Roster" (May 15).
  • 46 - 14 - 11
    2012-2013 Bantam AA
    Coached by Bryan Donaldson. Team staff include Jeff Hodgins, Paul Tobin, Andy Forcey, Christine Stutt. Sponsored by Discount Drain. Latest news: "Our New Door Banner!!" (Oct 11).
  • 39 - 14 - 9
    2012-2013 Bantam A-620-1998
    Coached by Rick Wouda. Team staff include Brian Munce, Jeff Harrison, Michelle Rooke. Sponsored by McLellan Electric, Cardio Plus Women's Fitness & Day Spa, London Carstar East, London Carstar West, Don-Mor Automotive, Woollatt Building Supply, Arctic Gardens, Tim Horton's, Tunks & Kosi Electrical Ltd., Century 21 - Putts Strybosch, Creative Fabrications - Karlene Dale, E&E McLaughlin Ltd., Herm's Sport Exchange, Little Caesars - Woodstock, Team Cards by Rick. Latest news: "Thank You to Our Sponsors..." (Feb 09).
  • 43 - 12 - 7
    2012-2013 Bantam A-636-1999
    Coached by Clarke Singer. Team staff include Jodi McKee, Carol Troy, Kayle Moore, Dan Gibson, Steve Estabrooks, Jason McKee. Sponsored by K&L Construction (Ontario) Ltd., Liberty Freezers London Ltd., Zelinka Priamo Ltd, Hyde Brothers Farm Equipment, Mustang Exteriors Inc., G & L Automotive, Bieber Design & Build, Compex Visual Communications, State Farm Insurance. Latest news: "London Devilettes Tournament" (Jan 27).
  • 36 - 12 - 10
    2012-2013 Bantam BB
    Coached by David Simpson. Team staff include Cliff Kay, Angee George, Paulette Soscia, Sharon Swance, Dave Hurgett, Paul Swance. Latest news: "Bantam BB LLFHL Silver Medalists head to Ottawa!" (Apr 02).
  • 30 - 18 - 7
    2012-2013 Midget AA-611 Grant
    Coached by Rick Grant. Team staff include Kevin Davis, Mark Sabine, Jeff McKellar. Sponsored by Lerners LLP.
  • 14 - 20 - 11
    2012-2013 Midget AA-648 Staniewski
    Coached by Ken Staniewski . Team staff include Greg Rowe, Laura Staniewski, Rain van Goozen. Sponsored by Johnston and Company, SplashWorks, Harrison Pensa, Bean Ladies, Truppe Health Care, Oliver & Associates. Latest news: "Final Roster for Staniewski Midget AA team" (May 06).
  • 21 - 20 - 10
    2012-2013 Midget A
    Coached by Todd Van De Peer. Team staff include Bill Gadd, Dean Streefkerk, Katie Wheeler, Bonnie LeBlanc, Iris Holmes. Latest news: "PLAYDOWN UPDATES !!!" (Feb 20).
  • 16 - 16 - 4
    2012-2013 Midget BB
    Coached by Jeff Rae. Team staff include Dustin Bellyou, Steve Boone, Ian O'Henly, Jim Simpson, Tracy MacDonald. Sponsored by Old South Optometry, MacTop Publishing Inc.. Latest news: "Midget BB - Gold Medalists - Waterloo Ravens Fall Challenge Cup November 2-4, 2012" (Nov 04).
  • 0 - 2 - 1
    2012-2013 Intermediate A
    Coached by Richard Stewart. Latest news: "Intermediate A " (Oct 02).
  • 27 - 3 - 5
    2012-2013 Senior AA
    Coached by Chris Broadworth. Latest news: "Senior AA Roster" (Sep 16).
  • No Scores Reported2012-2013 Senior B
    No coaches have been assigned to this team. Team staff include Brian Dunn. Latest news: "Roster" (Sep 18).
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