Midget A, Midget, Divisions, 29th Annual Tournament Feb 1-3, 2019, 2018-2019 (London Devilettes)

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Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 1, 2019
MA RRB11:00 AMDOR-CNU Sault Ste. Marie Wildcats-4004 2-3North York Storm-3032
MA RRB12:00 PMDOR-CNU Brampton Canadettes-203 2-0Stratford Aces-3609
MA-D1:00 PMDOR-CNU Whitby Wolves-4847 0-3Etobicoke Dolphins-434
MA RRA1:45 PMSP-South Rideau St Lawrence Thunder-1852 2-0London Devilettes-Simmons-647
MA RRA2:45 PMSP-South Toronto Leaside Wildcats-3791 2-2Kitchener Lady Rangers-2725
MA (XOVER)2:45 PMBCC -B London Devilettes-Pryce Noiles-654 2-5Sarnia Lady Sting-3353
MA RRB4:00 PMWFTony North York Storm-3032 1-4Brampton Canadettes-203
MA4:00 PMCarlingA Oakville Hornets MA Stone-1259 1-0Kensington Valley Ravens 16U-N/A
MA RRB7:15 PMBCC -B Stratford Aces-3609 1-3Sault Ste. Marie Wildcats-4004
MA RRA7:45 PMBCC - A London Devilettes-Simmons-647 1-0Kitchener Lady Rangers-2725
MA RRA8:15 PMBCC -B Toronto Leaside Wildcats-3791 0-4Rideau St Lawrence Thunder-1852
MA8:15 PMKINSB Kensington Valley Ravens 16U-N/A 3-1Sarnia Lady Sting-3353
MA-D (XOVER)8:15 PMSP-South Oakville Hornets MA Stone-1259 2-0Whitby Wolves-4847
MA-D9:15 PMSP-South Etobicoke Dolphins-434 3-1London Devilettes-Pryce Noiles-654
Saturday, February 2, 2019
MA RRA1:45 PMArgyleb London Devilettes-Simmons-647 2-2Toronto Leaside Wildcats-3791
MA RRA2:15 PMArgyleA Kitchener Lady Rangers-2725 3-1Rideau St Lawrence Thunder-1852
MA-D2:15 PMWFLCC London Devilettes-Pryce Noiles-654 0-0Whitby Wolves-4847
MA RRB2:45 PMArgyleb Sault Ste. Marie Wildcats-4004 2-3Brampton Canadettes-203
MA2:45 PMWFCOLL Oakville Hornets MA Stone-1259 1-0Sarnia Lady Sting-3353
MA-D (XOVER)3:15 PMWFLCC Kensington Valley Ravens 16U-N/A 0-1Etobicoke Dolphins-434
MA RRB3:15 PMArgyleA North York Storm-3032 1-0Stratford Aces-3609
MA FINQF16:45 PMCarlingB North York Storm-3032 2-0Rideau St Lawrence Thunder-1852
MA FINQF27:15 PMCarlingA London Devilettes-Simmons-647 0-5Brampton Canadettes-203
MA FINQF38:00 PMCarlingB Whitby Wolves-4847 0-3Oakville Hornets MA Stone-1259
MA FINQF48:30 PMCarlingA Kensington Valley Ravens 16U-N/A 1-2Etobicoke Dolphins-434
Sunday, February 3, 2019
MA FINSEMI 110:15 AMKINSA Oakville Hornets MA Stone-1259 0-2North York Storm-3032
MA FINSEMI 210:45 AMKINSB Etobicoke Dolphins-434 4-3Brampton Canadettes-203
MA FINFINAL3:15 PMWFLCC Etobicoke Dolphins-434 0-3North York Storm-3032
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • ArgyleA - Argyle Arena A, 1948 Wavell St. , London, ON
  • Argyleb - Argyle Arena B, 1948 Wavell St. , London, ON
  • BCC - A - Bostwick Community Centre A, 501 Southdale Rd West, London, ON
  • BCC -B - Bostwick Community Centre B, 501 Southdale Rd W, London, ON
  • CarlingA - Carling Arena A, 675 Grosvenor Street , London, ON
  • CarlingB - Carling Arena B, 675 Grosvenor Street , London, ON
  • DOR-CNU - Dorchester Canusa, 2066 Dorchester Road, Dorchester, ON
  • KINSA - Kinsmen Arena A, 20 Granville Ave, London, ON
  • KINSB - Kinsmen Arena B, 20 Granville Ave, London, ON
  • SP-South - London Sports Park South, 99 Brookside St., London, ON
  • WFCOLL - WF-Collins, 865 Florence Street, London, ON
  • WFLCC - WF-London City, 865 Florence Street , London, ON
  • WFTony - WF-Tony's, 865 Florence Street , London, ON

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